Interested in being a guest at Treklanta?  Here's what you need to know!
Treklanta offers two types of guest status: "Guest of Honor" and "Featured Guest."  Eligibility requirements, what we offer to each type of guest and what we will ask from each type of guest differs.  Please review the information below and if you would like to apply for either Guest of Honor or Featured Guest status, click the link below for the guest category you'd like to apply for, then fill out and submit the appropriate online application.

GUEST OF HONOR: Guests of Honor are sometimes referred to as "celebrity guests," "media guests" or "headlining guests."  A Guest of Honor will be someone who is very well known to Star Trek fans and whose appearance at Treklanta can be reasonably expected to attract a paying audience.  Most Guests of Honor are actors who have played one or more roles in some iteration of Star Trek, ranging from series leads (e.g., Tim Russ, Robert Duncan O'Neill) and notable recurring characters (e.g., Carel Struycken, J. G. Hertzler, Robert O'Reilly) to one-time guest-star roles (e.g., Arlene Martel, Sean Kenney) and minor supporting characters (e.g., Jeremy Roberts, James Horan, Conrad Coates).  These persons are often represented by an agent.  Other persons who have worked in the Star Trek franchise and/or have made significant contributions to the franchise or its fandom and are very well known to Star Trek fans may also qualify for Guest of Honor status (e.g., Bjo Trimble, David Gerrold, Keith R. A. DeCandido, David R. George III).

Treklanta will typically offer a potential Guest of Honor some or all of the following: roundtrip airfare to and from his or her home city airport and the Atlanta airport on the airline and in the seating class of our choice; escorted ground transportation to and from the Atlanta airport and the convention hotel; two nights in a standard hotel room (Friday and Saturday); a nominal per diem for three days; a protected table for autographing sessions; an assigned "handler" from convention staff to handle financial transactions at the Guest's table; and, in most but not all cases, an individually negotiated guaranteed autograph and merchandise sales minimum.  In return, we will require the Guest to arrive at the convention hotel no later than late Friday afternoon and depart no sooner than late Sunday afternoon, subject to flight availability; appear in person at a two-hour cocktail reception on Friday evening with a small group of convention attendees; host a one-hour Q&A session or some type of workshop or presentation related to the Guest's experience with an audience on Saturday afternoon and again on Sunday afternoon; serve as a judge for the Miss Klingon Empire Beauty Pageant on Saturday evening; and serve as a presenter of awards at the Bjo Awards ceremony on Sunday afternoon.  At all other times between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Saturday and between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Sunday (except for lunch and restroom breaks), the Guest will agree to be at his or her autograph/merchandise table in order to maximize his or her potential earnings.  Guests will be asked to have their breakfast before and their dinner after their scheduled appearances and autograph sessions.

These terms and conditions will be described in meticulous detail in a formal agreement that the Guest will be asked to sign and return via postal mail along with an 8 x 10 color glossy print of him/herself as their best-known Star Trek character or a high-resolution JPG image that will be used by Treklanta for promotional and merchandising purposes.  Any potential Guest of Honor who is unable to agree to the terms described in the formal agreement will not be booked for an appearance at Treklanta.

NOTE TO AGENTS: Potential Guests of Honor are usually, but not always, represented by an agent.  Treklanta prefers to negotiate guest appearances directly with the guest but will negotiate with agents when necessary.  Any person who presents him/herself as an agent of a potential Guest of Honor must have personal, direct, immediate and reliable contact with their client (preferably phone, email or text messaging) in order to facilitate the execution of a contract as quickly as possible.  Any agent who wishes to present one or more of his or her clients to Treklanta for a potential booking MUST first confirm with absolute certainty that the client(s) is/are available for such a booking and willing to agree to the terms described above.  In other words, if you are an agent, check your client's availability and willingness to agree to these terms BEFORE presenting that client to Treklanta as a potential guest.

A Featured Guest is typically someone who has worked in or contributed to the Star Trek franchise or Star Trek fandom in some notable way and whose activity, participation or contribution is sufficiently noteworthy to warrant the recognition of a Star Trek convention, the attention of a paying audience and the exposure that would result from both.  Persons who may qualify for Featured Guest status include (but are certainly not limited to) the creators, producers, cast and crew members of certain Star Trek fan films; authors of books or short stories about Star Trek or set in the Star Trek universe published by a commercial publisher (i.e., not self-published); hosts of podcasts that regularly feature guests or topics related to Star Trek; educators who have taught or presented some type of class, course or curriculum related to or based on Star Trek in some way; professional (and in some cases, amateur) costumers, makeup artists, visual designers or similar experts in other creative fields whose experience is related to Star Trek in some way; and other persons with some kind of expertise or special experience related to Star Trek.

Applicants who are granted Featured Guest status will receive prominent display of their name and head shot on our web site, a complimentary full-weekend membership badge, and at least one time slot on our programming schedule to present an event or activity related to their qualifications.  Featured Guests are NOT offered any concession for travel, accomodations, meals or any other expense.  If a Featured Guest is interested in a fan table, one such table will be granted at no cost if it is for promotional and display purposes only, or at a nominal fee if the table is to be used for the sale of any merchandise or if any other financial transaction is conducted at the table for any reason whatsoever, including gifts and donations.