Friday Check-In:  $50.00 for the weekend or $25.00 for Friday only
  Saturday Check-In Before 8:00 p.m.: $45.00 for the rest of the weekend or $30.00 for Saturday only
  Saturday Check-In After 8:00 p.m.: $10.00 for Saturday night only (no Con Suite privileges) or $30.00 for the weekend
  Sunday Check-In: $25.00


  One-half the current Adult rate with the simultaneous purchase of one Adult membership.

  Free.  Must be registered at the door with parent or guardian check-in.
Can't attend the convention but still wish to support us?  Purchase a Supporting Membership for only $20.00*.  We'll send you a personalized con badge and a program book after the convention.  Supporting Memberships purchased before April 14, 2017, can be converted to an attending membership at the door.
* Plus 91¢ PayPal processing fee.  To avoid this fee, remit payment by check or money order.
INFINITY MEMBERSHIPS (for 2018 and beyond)
An Infinity membership is a lifetime membership to Treklanta and is valid for the lifetime of the member who purchases it.  An Infinity membership includes a full three-day badge to the convention each year, every year, for as long as Treklanta continues to hold conventions.  Infinity memberships are $500.00*.

Treklanta Infinity memberships should not be confused with our Guardian of Forever memberships, which were an exclusive, limited-time offer available only during our first year.  Guardian of Forever memberships, which are no longer available for sale, include a number of additional benefits that are not included with an Infinity membership.  Infinity memberships should also not be confused with our Ambassador memberships, which are a year-to-year, one-year-only combo package that includes admission to our VIP Champagne Reception, a t-shirt, three celebrity autographs and front-row seating at all our ballroom events.  These additional benefits are not included in an Infinity membership but may be purchased at additional cost.

A Treklanta Infinity membership shall be for the sole and exclusive use of the person who buys it.  A Treklanta Infinity membership may not be sold, assigned, bequeathed, conveyed, donated, exchanged, gifted, given, granted, leased, loaned, pledged, traded, transferred or used by any other person for any reason whatsoever.
* Plus $15.24 PayPal processing fee.  To avoid this fee, remit payment by check or money order.
For information about our exclusive VIP Champagne Reception, commemorative souvenir t-shirts, celebrity autographs and fan tables, please visit our Merchandise page.