Programming Event Suggestions
Treklanta encourages the participation of our attendees in our programming!  If you have an idea for a programming event that you would like to see presented at Treklanta and you are willing to either host or moderate that event by yourself or be one of several panelists on it, please fill out the Programming Event Suggestion Form below.
Rules and Guidelines for Suggesting a Programming Event
  •   All programming events are scheduled for one hour and all suggested programming events should include sufficient material or activity to fill that hour.
Programming suggestions will only be considered from persons who have already purchased their Treklanta weekend membership for 2019.  Please purchase a weekend membership before submitting any programming suggestion.  Programming suggestions from persons who have not purchased a membership will not be considered.
Programming suggestions will only be considered if you are willing and able to host, moderate or be a participant in the event.  Please do not submit suggestions for panels for other people to do.
Please make sure your suggestion is related to Star Trek or its fandom in some clear and meaningful way and is interesting, informative, instructional, educational, entertaining and/or just a whole lot of fun.  Suggestions with only a superficial connection to the franchise will not be considered.  For example, "The Changing Roles of Female Characters in Star Trek" or "Klingons: Then and Now" will be considered while "How to Make Romulan Ale" (which is not so much a discussion about alien beverages as it is a recipe for one) will not.
Vanity panels (i.e., a panel about YOU or that book you just self-published or that blog you write) will be considered, but the bar for approving such panels is very high.  Consider applying for Guest status instead if you think you or your book (or blog site or fan film or whatever) warrants its very own panel.
If your suggestion is accepted, it will be placed on the schedule on a day and at a time that is compatible with and complements the rest of our programming.  The initial time and day assignment may change before the convention if necessary.  If you are unable or unwilling to present your panel at certain times or on certain days, the chances of your suggestion being accepted will be diminished.

Programming Event Suggestion Form
Please fill out and submit this form to suggest a programming event.
Thank you for submitting your Programming Event suggestion!  We will contact you by email if your suggestion is accepted.