Advertise on the Treklanta Web Site
Your 270 x 270 pixel JPG or GIF will be placed in the top right corner of every active page on the Treklanta web site.  Your image can be static or animated and will be hyperlinked to any web site, Facebook page or other URL address of your choice.  Submit your own web-ready image file or we can create a custom ad for you.

Treklanta reserves the right to reject any advertiser or image file for any reason whatsoever.

Use the PayPal buttons below to make your payment for the length of time desired, then send your image file (or a detailed description of what your custom ad should look like) to  The advertising period, regardless of length, will start on a Monday.  If you have any questions, please contact us at
Weekly: $15
Monthly: $50
Quarterly: $125
plus 76¢ PayPal fee
plus $1.80 PayPal fee
plus $4.04 PayPal fee