Treklanta Directors & Contact Information
General InformationTreklanta
  Questions, comments or suggestions about the convention
Founder & Chairman, Senior Director of Programming Eric L. Watts
  Guest and agent inquiries, Dealers Room, hotel,
Star Trek programming, VIP Champagne Reception, Miss Klingon Empire Beauty Pageant, Independent Star Trek Fan Film Awards, program book content and ads, merchandise orders, web site, sponsors, preregistered memberships
Director of Convention Operations William MacLeod
  On-site convention operations
Director of Technical Operations
  Responsible for determining the audio/visual and information technology needs of the convention, acquiring the equipment to meet those needs and ensuring the smooth operation of all audio/visual and computer equipment at the convention
Director of On-Site RegistrationMari Key
   On-site registration
Director of Guest Transportation & ServicesAmanda McGowan
  Ground transportation to and from the Atlanta airport; on-site guest services
Director of Security Gaylen Greve
   Convention security
Director of Main Programming Track Operations Brian Holloway
  Main programming track operations
Director of Auxiliary Programming Track OperationsChris Jones
  Auxiliary programming track operations
Director of Artists AlleyDimitri Walker
  Artists Alley
Director of GamingChris Seebacher
  Gaming room, games and gaming events
Director of Dealer Relations Cindy MacLeod
  Responsible for the care, feeding and nurturing of our dealers and the smooth operation of the Dealers Room
Director of PhotographyKen Lackner
  Still photography of all programming events
Director of Videography
  Videography of all programming events
Star Trek Fan Film Festival Director
  Host of the Star Trek Fan Film Festival
Con Suite DirectorMatthias Drake
  Con suite and hospitality
Director of Social Media & Press Relations
  Administration and supervision of all social media; interview requests with convention guests; online convention listings
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Postal Address — Treklanta, PO Box 620605, Atlanta GA  30362-2605
Treklanta Directors
Eric L. Watts
Founder & Chairman
Senior Director of Programming

Eric L. Watts has been active in Star Trek fandom for nearly forty years and is one of the most well-known Star Trek fans in the southeast.  He brings a wealth of convention-running experience, fan club management and insider knowledge to the Treklanta con committee.

Mr. Watts started watching Star Trek in the early 1970s, attended his first Star Trek convention in 1978 and founded a Star Trek fan club, The United Federation of Trekkers, in Columbia, South Carolina, in 1980.  During his presidency, the UFT became the state's largest Star Trek fan club with more than 100 members.  He served as president and newsletter editor for eight years and was frequently interviewed by the local media during the heyday of the first four Star Trek motion pictures, including an episode of PM Magazine in 1982.

In 1992, Mr. Watts joined Dragon*Con as a programming director to create a new track of programming devoted exclusively to Star Trek.  "TrekTrak" debuted in 1993 and over the next 17 years became one of Dragon*Con's largest, highest-profile and most widely acclaimed programming tracks.
  In 2002, Mayor Shirley Franklin proclaimed September 2 of that year as "TrekTrak Day" in the City of Atlanta.  His signature event, the Miss Klingon Empire Beauty Pageant, was one of America Online's "Top 11 Most Offbeat Beauty Pageants" for two consecutive years and has been featured in Shock, Spin, Discover, Maxim and Bizarre magazines, on the syndicated TMZ television program, and on the Fox News, Today Show and countless other web sites.

In 2006, Mr. Watts was elected Commanding Officer of the USS Republic NCC-1371, the STARFLEET International chapter in Atlanta.  The Republic had less than 10 members when he was elected but by the end of 2009, the membership roster had grown to more than 100 members and the Republic was the largest STARFLEET chapter in the world.  In 2007, Mr. Watts won the prestigious STARFLEET International Commanding Officer of the Year Award and over the last ten years, he has won twenty additional Region 2 awards in newsletter, web site, member recruitment, mothership and administrative categories.  The Republic was featured on the front cover of the April 2010 issue of the STARFLEET International newsletter, The Communiqué, in recognition of its extraordinary growth during the previous three years.

Mr. Watts was interviewed live on CNN Today on CNN International in 2006, was featured in the
Emmy Award-winning documentary Four Days at Dragon*Con in 2010 and served as a production assistant on the set of Star Trek: New Voyages for the episode "World Enough and Time" starring George Takei in 2006.  He played Korgoth, the Klingon bartender, in the Project: Potemkin vignettes "Closing Time" in 2013, "Ladies Night Out" in 2014 and "Room Service" in 2015; and a dancing Klingon in the "We Are Klingon" music video on YouTube, released in 2013.  He also plays both an alien and a Southern redneck in the Doctor Who: The Forgotten Doctor episode "Ouroborus" and a rebel Klingon commander in the Star Trek: Valkyrie audio series episode "Klingon Honor," both of which are currently in post-production and awaiting release.  Mr. Watts is an occasional guest and frequent panelist at other fan conventions around Atlanta, including TimeGate, OutlantaCon and Sci-Fi Summer Con, and was recently a guest two episodes of Troy Bernier's Tribbles and Trilobites podcast, originally broadcast on July 16 and July 24, 2016.

Mr. Watts is a two-time honors graduate of The Art Institute of Atlanta, holding Associate in Arts degrees in Visual Communications and Web Site Design & Administration.  An aspiring voice actor and vocalist, he recently launched his own voice talent and entertainment business, Watts Vox Creative Voice Talent & Vocal Entertainment.
William MacLeod
Director of Convention Operations

William MacLeod has been involved in the convention scene since 2000.  He spent many years working at Dragon*Con and other smaller conventions in the metro Atlanta area.  He is one of three co-founders of AnachroCon, the very successful alternate history (a.k.a. "steampunk") convention launched in Atlanta in 2009, and served as their Chairman for its first six years.  An avid Star Trek fan, Mr. MacLeod also enjoys other properties such as Starship Troopers, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, the Tom Corbett series and others, including the superhero universes; specifically, Batman.

Mr. MacLeod is a veteran of the United States Army (1985-1990).  As a polymath, he has his irons in many fires, including Business, Information Technology, Theoretical Physics, Costuming, Music Composition & Performance, Blacksmithing and American History, as well as antique repair and restoration... just to name a few.

Mr. MacLeod joined Treklanta as Director of Convention Operations in 2017.
Mari Key
Director of On-Site Registration

Mari Key found Star Trek fandom in the mid-1980s.  
She was a member of the United Federation of Trekkers in Columbia, South Carolina, in the mid- to late 1980s and was appointed its president when Treklanta Chairman Eric L. Watts, who founded the UFT in 1980 and had served as its only president, resigned in 1988 in order to relocate to Atlanta.  She has attended many conventions throughout the southeast not only as an attendee, but also as a staff volunteer and occasionally as a guest.  Mrs. Key is experienced in event registration at many different types of functions, including a few of her own, as well as having more than twenty-five years' experience in retail management and over eight as a certified bank teller.

Mrs. Key joins Treklanta as Director of On-Site Registration in 2018.
Amanda McGowan
Director of Guest Transportation & Services

Amanda McGowan
has been to many Star Trek and other science fiction-related events, but enjoys the environment of Treklanta for the opportunity to get to know people better.  She holds the controversial opinion that Star Trek: Discovery might be the best version of Star Trek yet.

McGowan joined Treklanta's Guest Transportation & Services department as a staff volunteer in 2016 and was appointed Director in 2017.  She is responsible for making sure our guests' needs are taken care of during their time with the convention.
Gaylen Greve
Director of Security

Gaylen Greve has served as a staff volunteer in several departments over the years, including Main Programming Operations, Convention Operations, Registration and Security.  He becomes Director of Security in 2018.

Mr. Greve and his wife Vicki are also members of the USS Republic NCC-1371, the chapter of STARFLEET International based in Atlanta, and the Klingon Assault Group.

Brian Holloway
Director of Main Programming Track Operations

Brian Holloway
began his theatre career at the ripe old age of 7 when he appeared in a regional theatrical production of Fiddler on the Roof with his father.  Since then, the acting bug has hit hard and became a full-time commitment.  Although he dabbled in the medical field for a short time, he could not be kept long from the bright lights and appeal of the stage.  After receiving his BFA in Performance Arts, he toured nationally with several theatre organizations for about seven years and could be seen headlining in productions ranging from Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing and Henry IV, Parts I & II to musicals like Big River, Man of La Mancha, Kiss Me, Kate and Jekyll & Hyde, to name a few.

Mr. Holloway got into the sci-fi realm when he was still in high school in Utah and has been an avid and regular convention attendee since he was 15.  He has also received theatre degrees in costume and makeup design and has won national and regional awards for his design work.  He even had costume designs for an original theatrical piece, HOTLINE!, displayed at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.  While in Utah, he was fortunate to befriend Paula Crist, who served as an actress and stuntwoman for productions like Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Battlestar Galactica and the TV series Planet of the Apes.  Crist got him connected to the film industry and he has been fortunate enough to land limited work in such productions as The Patriot, Last of the Mohicans, Domestic Disturbance, Doctor Who: The Movie, HIGHLANDER: The Series, Shallow Hal, Shots Fired, Banshee, Homeland, Marvel Productions and Star Trek.  He also served for more than ten years as the Special Make-Up F/X Supervisor Star Trek: New Voyages.

Mr. Holloway lives in Waxhaw, North Carolina (just outside Charlotte), and has had the great fortune to meet such wonderful people there and learn much from local celebs and fellow con-goers such as Cheralyn Lambeth, the 501st Squadron and the SCA Wardrobe Guild.  He served as Treklanta's Director of Costuming & Makeup Programming from 2011 to 2013 and took over as Director of Star Trek Programming Track Operations in 2014.

Chris Jones
Director of Main Auxiliary Track Operations

Chris Jones
joins Treklanta as Director of Main Auxiliary Track Operations in 2018.
Dimitri Walker
Director of Artists Alley

Born and raised in Atlanta, Dimitri Walker is a simple artist at heart.  Brush, paint and canvas are his tools.  He has been a portrait artist since 1983, primarily graphite (pencil).  In 1994, Mr. Walker began to paint with oils and acrylics.  He also took a job picture framing to be near the art world.  He continued to learn and became a Master Certified Framer.  In 2005, at 40 years old, Mr. Walker went to college and earned a Bachelors of Fine Art.  In the spring of 2012, while teaching a drawing class at a local art gallery, a student/friend who took his class to learn to draw the TARDIS better, said to him, "Dimitri, I know you watch and love all the same shows and movies I do.  Supernatural, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Firefly and all the comic book movies.  I have been to your web site.  Why don't you have any Fan Art?"  Mr. Walker replied, "What's 'Fan Art'?"

And the rest is history.

Mr. Walker was a Guest Artist at Treklanta in 2015 and 2016 and joined the convention as
Director of Artists Alley in 2017.  Visit his web site at Paintings by Dimitri Walker.
Chris Seebacher
Director of Gaming

Chris Seebacher
joins Treklanta as Director of Gaming in 2018.
Cindy MacLeod
Director of Dealer Relations

Cindy MacLeod is one of three co-founders of AnachroCon, the very successful alternate history (a.k.a. "steampunk") convention launched in Atlanta in 2009, and currently serves as their Director of Vendor Relations.  She was also one of the creators of Dragon*Con's Alternate History Track, and served as the Track Director from 2009 to 2011.  Mrs. MacLeod's published works include one full-length novel, Some Unforeseen Event, and two steampunk-based short stories,
"The Big Golden Apple" and "The Clockwork Cockroaches of Thelema," published in Dreams of Steam 2: Of Bolts and Brass and Dreams of Steam 4: Gizmos, respectively.

Mrs. MacLeod is an accomplished cosplayer with unparalleled taste in cosplay fashion.  She has fond memories of watching the original Star Trek series on a black-and-white console TV in the late 1960s and cosplaying Star Trek before she was even in kindergarten.

Mrs. MacLeod joined Treklanta as Director of Dealer Relations in 2017.
Ken Lackner
Director of Photography

For Ken Lackner, it all started in 2008 when he would take his "crappy little point-and-shoot" camera to his friends’ shows and snap a few pics of their bands for them, always wishing for better shots.  So he scrimped and saved and robbed his couch cushions of spare change and finally bought himself a good camera.  He's always considered himself a technical guy, not an artistic one—his formal education is in Electronics Engineering Technology—but since purchasing that first good camera, he's discovered his talent for photography and had the pleasure of shooting some amazing people, places and things.  From concerts and band promo photos to weddings and portraits, he's had a blast capturing each unique moment and gets fired up about every opportunity to shoot some photographs.

Mr. Lackner joined Treklanta as Director of Photography in 2016.
Matthias Drake
Con Suite Director

An Ásatrú and father, Matthias Drake
is a rehabilitated geek with a lingering fondness for what some call the philosopher's show: Star Trek.

Mr. Drake joins Treklanta as Con Suite Director in 2018.