Forty-eight years ago, when the original Star Trek television series ended its primetime run and went into syndication around the world, it found a new audience numbering in the millions.  Many of those fans eagerly wrote stories, painted artwork, created costumes and played "make-believe" with their friends as a way of celebrating—and claiming a small piece for themselves—the extraordinary universe created by Gene Roddenberry.

Thirty years later, the next generation of fans had the drive, ambition, skills and tools they needed to take their make-believe adventures off the printed page and out of the back yard and create their own live-action videos that they could share with other like-minded fans around the world on the Internet.  These independent Star Trek fan films have grown from low-budget, low-tech videos to spectacular productions on par with Hollywood's best.  They have emerged as an industry unto itself... an industry that is allowed to exist and thrive solely at the pleasure of the intellectual property owners, but prohibited from earning one red cent from its efforts.  Independent Star Trek fan film productions are the very epitome of a labor of love.

Over the last fifteen years, these films have increased in both quality and quantity, and the time has come to recognize their achievements in excellence by presenting an award devoted exclusively to them.  Treklanta introduced the Independent Star Trek Fan Film Awards in 2015.  A distinguished panel of judges including Diana Dru Botsford, Peter David, Keith R. A. DeCandido, Michael DeMeritt and Susan Sackett reviewed the sixteen fan films released in calendar year 2014 that met the eligibility requirements for these awards.  Ballots included nine categories, including Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form; Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form; Best Director; Best Actor/Actress; Best Supporting Actor/Actress; Best Original Screenplay; Best Soundtrack; Best Visual Effects; and Best Production Design.  Long Form included fan films with a running time of 31 minutes or longer; Short Form fan films ran 30 minutes or less.  The winners of these awards were presented at Treklanta in April 2015 and are listed here.

The nine original categories were reevaluated following the 2015 awards ceremony and some important changes were made.  For 2016, a total of thirteen categories were established, including Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form (>30 min.); Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form (<30 min.); Best Original Story/Screenplay; Best Director; Best Lead Actor/Actress; Best Supporting Actor/Actress; Best Guest Actor/Actress; Best Production Design; Best Costuming; Best Hairstyling & Makeup; Best Original Music; Best Sound Design, Editing & Mixing; and Best Special & Visual Effects.  Judges for the 2016 Independent Star Trek Fan Film Awards included Diana Dru Botsford, Keith R. A. DeCandido, Ken Feinberg, Matthew M. Foster, Andrew Greenberg, David Orange, Emmett Plant and Rick Sternbach.  Seventeen independent Star Trek fan films released during calendar year 2015 were reviewed by our panel of judges, and the winners of these awards were presented at Treklanta in April 2016 and are listed here.

For 2017, the category of Best Production Design was eliminated for two reasons.  First, our panel of judges for the 2016 awards expressed their belief that comparing the production design of some series which were nearly exact reproductions of the original Star Trek series with other series who created new, if not derivative, sets and costumes was somewhat unfair; and second, only a handful of the fan films released during 2016 listed one or more production designers in their onscreen and/or IMDb credits, making it difficult, if not impossible, to identify the person(s) responsible for their production design.  Accordingly, that category has been removed from the awards ballot.
Eligibility Requirements for the 2017 Independent Star Trek Fan Film Awards
To be eligible for consideration in this year's awards, an independent Star Trek fan film must:
1) Be a live-action dramatic presentation set in the Star Trek universe, not animated or CGI, or a satire or parody of Star Trek
2) Have "Based upon Star Trek, Created by Gene Roddenberry" (or similar) in the title sequence or opening credits*
3) Have been released to the Internet (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) during calendar year 2016, and
4) Have an entry on with full cast and crew credits listed**

  * This requirement may be waived under certain circumstances and at the sole discretion of Treklanta
** For awards presented to individuals, nominees must be listed on those films' IMDb page

Films will be considered for only those categories for which they qualify; for example, only those films which name makeup artists or hairstylists in their credits or on their IMDb pages will be considered in the Best Makeup & Hairstyling category.  Each film's onscreen and IMDb credits will be carefully reviewed to ensure that only those films with published credits in each category are considered for those categories.  Those films which meet the eligibility requirements listed above will be reviewed by our panel of judges in February 2017; balloting and tabulation of ballots will be held in March 2017; and the third annual Independent Star Trek Fan Film Awards Ceremony will be held on April 30, 2017, at Treklanta.

Judges for the 2017 Independent Star Trek Fan Film Awards will be announced here when balloting is completed.
Panel of Judges for the 2017 Independent Star Trek Fan Film Awards
For information about our panel of judges, please visit the Panel of Judges page.
Left to right: Orion Stage Girl Jillanna Babb, Guest of Honor and awards presenter Anne Lockhart, Treklanta Chairman and awards co-host Eric L. Watts, Treklanta Star Trek Programming Director and awards co-host Brian Holloway, Guest of Honor and awards judge Keith R. A. DeCandido, Guest of Honor and awards presenter Sean Kenney, Guest of Honor and multiple award winner Alec Peters of Star Trek: Axanar, Axanar's Fulfillment Director Diana Kingsbury, Guest of Honor and awards presenter Jason Carter, Featured Guest and award winner Clay Sayre of Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II, and Orion Stage Girl Ashley White.
Left to right: Treklanta Chairman and Master of Ceremonies Eric L. Watts, Guest of Honor and awards presenter Jack Stauffer, award winner William C. Searcy, Guest of Honor and awards presenter Tracee Lee Cocco, Guest of Honor and awards presenter Bjo Trimble, Guest of Honor and awards presenter John G. Trimble, Guest of Honor and awards presenter Carel Struycken and Treklanta Star Trek Programming Director and Master of Ceremonies Brian Holloway.

The 2017 Independent Star Trek Fan Film Awards Nominees
  Release Date & IMDb Link   Series Name & Web Site Link Episode Title & Online Video Link
Run Time
1 1/17/2016   Needs of the Many "Needs of the Many"
2 1/31/2016   Star Trek: New Voyages "The Holiest Thing"
3 2/26/2016   Star Trek: Horizon "Star Trek: Horizon"
4 3/9/2016   Starship Deimos "The Lucky One"
5 3/12/2016   Starship Farragut "The Crossing"
6 3/16/2016   Red Shirt "Red Shirt"
7 3/28/2016   Battlecruiser Kupok "Sanctuary"
8 4/2/2016   Star Trek: Natures Hunger "The Darkside of Starfleet Justice"
9 4/3/2016   Star Trek: Intrepid "Nemo Me Impune Lacessit"
10 4/10/2016   Starship Tristan "Relics and Regrets"
11 4/17/2016   Project: Potemkin "The Last Child"
12 4/21/2016   Starship Deimos "Aftermath"
13 4/27/2016   Project: Potemkin "The Talinar Incident"
14 5/4/2016   Project: Potemkin "The Hunt"
15 5/28/2016   Star Trek Continues "Come Not Between the Dragons"
16 5/31/2016   Project: Potemkin "Inquiry"
17 6/9/2016   Star Trek: Revenge "Star Trek: Revenge"
18 6/28/2016   Starship Tristan "The Chronicles of Lanclos"
19 7/17/2016   Project: Potemkin "All in a Day's Work"
20 9/1/2016   Assignment: Earth "Boredom"
21 9/3/2016   Star Trek Continues "Embracing the Winds"
22 9/11/2016   Starship Tristan "The Greater Good"
23 9/20/2016   Project: Potemkin "Destinies"
24 9/27/2016   Trek Isolation "Out of the Fire"
25 10/12/2016   The Federation Files "His Name Is Mudd"
26 10/18/2016   Starship Tristan "Be Careful What You Wish For"
27 10/21/2016   Star Trek: Raven "Voyager Continues"
28 10/24/2016   Project: Potemkin "Room Service"
29 10/26/2016   USS Danubia "Force Contact"
30 11/3/2016   Dreadnought Dominion "Chain of Command"
31 11/10/2016   Starship Deimos "Pas de Trois"
32 12/9/2016   Starship Valiant "Crosses to Bear"
33 12/10/2016   Star Trek: Dark Armada "Out of Time"